Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ZYNE)
will now be free to run its Zygel
cannabidiol (CBD) cream manufacturing business. This is because it has obtained
a US patent for the product.

About Zygel
cannabidiol (CBD)

 Zygel cannabidiol
(CBD) is a product that will treat a condition known as Fragile X syndrome.
This happens to be a genetic condition that results in adverse effects if not
treated in good time. Some of the undesirable effects would include
developmental issues such as cognitive impairment and learning disabilities.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is excited to be at the frontline in
helping fight off this condition. It sees the patent as a major incentive as it
continues to make more investments in research.

Plans into the future

The expiry date of this patent is 2038 and the company hopes
to have made significant business steps by then. This patent is quite
elaborate. It caters to the company’s strategy of administering about 250
milligrams to 500 milligrams of CBD transdermally. This will be administered
daily and will be in the form of a cream or gel.

Study underway

Much is currently going in terms of analyzing Zygel. For
instance, the evaluation is being done with a double-blind placebo-controlled
study known as CONNECT-FX. It is a study involving about 204 pediatric Fragile
X patients and the company hopes to identify better ways of helping patients.

One of the researchers says that they seek to learn more
about the observable changes. This is in line with the checklist for the
Fragile X-specific behavior.

A few patients have already completed the double-blind
phase. The next step will be for them to again enroll in yet another 12-month
open-label phase. If all goes as planned, we should by 2020 anticipate some
dependable data.

Scientists have commended the company for its efforts. They
say that a condition that could impair learning capabilities and development is
detrimental. Though a rare condition, there is a need to fight it off according
to scientists.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals admits that it hasn’t been easy
getting to this point. It has been marred by financial and management
challenges along the way. However, obtaining this patent is a great relief.