You Mentioned Moratoriums Being Implemented By Cities; Is There A Chance That Cities Could Be Left Out If They Don’t Engage This Law Head-on Right Now While Licenses Are Being Doled Out?

feature3.png Like, wow, that’s wild. That’s not why we passed these laws — we passed these laws so that patients could get relief from marijuana — but it does seem that it leads to a direct decrease in opiate deaths. I think there’s really something to it. There are a lot of great byproducts. Like tax revenue and small business entrepreneurship, too. You mentioned moratoriums being implemented by cities; is there a chance that cities could be left out if they don’t engage this law head-on right now while licenses are being doled out? Or as these laws evolve, have you seen the number of allowable licenses for cultivators increase with demand? [Note: The city of Cleveland currently has a moratorium on allowing medical marijuana businesses to open here.] Basically, there’s an arc that we see in states that pass medical marijuana laws. They pass a colorado marijuana somewhat conservative or moderate law, and they almost treat this product like plutonium at the beginning. They sort of go over the top in terms of regulation and limiting the number of facilities. And then after a couple years they realize that it’s not the negative they thought it’d be; in fact, it’s producing jobs and the people running these business are doing a good job, and it’s bringing in taxes, and it’s helping people.

To read more visit http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2017/04/19/medical-marijuana-aerial-view-qanda-with-brian-vicente-author-of-colorados-statewide-cannabis-policy

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