Yergert Warned The Agriculture Officials That Regulating Weed Still Isn’t Easy And That They Should Be Prepared For Pushback From Their Own Staffs.

(AP Photo/Kristen Wyatt). In this Jan. 31, 2017 photo, Denver marijuana grower Tim Cullen, left, shows young marijuana clones to out-of-state agriculture officials on a grow warehouse tour organized by the Colorado Department of Agriculture in Denver. ... “We’re just looking to see what’s ahead,” said Pat Harris, director of North Carolina’s Division of Soil & Water Conservation. Some states on the tour plan to grow pot themselves. “We’re getting in the marijuana business in Louisiana, so we need to know what we’re doing,” said Brad Spicer of the state’s Office of Soil & Water Conservation, where the Legislature has authorized two universities to grow the plant for medical use and research. Yergert warned the agriculture officials that regulating weed still isn’t easy and that they should be prepared for pushback from their own staffs. “Our guys were saying, ‘I can’t pick my kids up from school because I smell like pot,” Yergert said. Another problem? Stony silence from federal agencies that agriculture offices usually turn to for help. “It hasn’t gotten a lot more warm and fuzzy,” Yergert said. “I think they look at us as, ‘What an annoyance!’ colorado marijuana I mean, they deal with drug smugglers and international cartels, and here’s the Colorado Department of Ag coming wanting a permit for something.” Cullen, the pot grower, urged the agriculture officials to look past the hurdles and see pot growers as farmers thirsty for guidance on growing healthy, profitable crops.

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