When You Smoke Marijuana, You Begin To Feel The Effects Almost Immediately And You’ll Continue To Feel The Effects For One To Three Hours.

Alcohol also metabolizes in the bloodstream; consuming both simultaneously makes it difficult to regulate your consumption levels. Read on for more tips in our 4/20 survival guide. Denver 4/20 rally in Civic Center Park on May 21, 2016. When you smoke marijuana, you begin to feel the effects almost immediately and you’ll continue to feel the effects for one to three hours. When cannabis is consumed in food or drink, it can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes for it to kick in, and once it does, it can last up to four hours. If you’re smoking and eating edibles, colorado marijuana use caution and go slow. 4/20 is a perfect excuse to smoke all day, but it’s important to pace yourself. Even the most veteran users can overdo it. Try to keep track of how much you’re consuming and make sure you don’t get too high too quickly. Last year, the 420 rally was snowed out.

To read more visit http://www.westword.com/marijuana/4-20-survival-guide-ten-tips-for-celebrating-in-denver-8984415

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