“we Will Always Serve Patients, But There Probably Will Be Organizations That Shift All Of Their Resources To Adult-use, Because There’s No Profit In What We’re Doing” In Medical Marijuana, She Said.

That’s in part because some communities banned recreational shops, leaving only medical dispensaries in those areas. Registered patients are also exempted from some marijuana taxes, can buy and possess more marijuana at once, and are allowed to buy products with higher concentrations of THC. Massachusetts advocates are also calling on the state to ease some regulations on patients, including eliminating the $50 registration fee and two- to four-week waiting period to receive a medical marijuana card. That should boost enrollment and make the medical market more attractive financially, according to the MPAA. “We’re going to fight to keep the medical program viable by fixing the registration process,” said Michael Latulippe, the group’s development director. Another proposal from Delaney, the lobbyist, would allow medical dispensary groups to operate more than the three storefronts currently allowed, and to shed their nonprofit status. Dispensary owners said the prospect of reaping profits from sales to patients would help their businesses; the measure could also help attract investors to pay for the build-out of the many dispensaries that have received state licenses but not yet opened. Otherwise, the incentive is for medical dispensaries to convert to recreational pot, which could leave patients without options for medical treatments, said Karen Munkacy, owner of the Garden Remedies dispensary in Newton. “We will always serve patients, but there probably will be organizations that shift all of their resources to adult-use, because there’s no profit in what we’re doing” in medical marijuana, she said. “To make sure patients still have access, you want to level the playing field so there’s not a huge financial differential.” Many of the state’s medical dispensaries have indicated they would take advantage of a provision in the new medical marijuana law that allows them to apply for recreational licenses before new operators. That would allow them to sell to any adult instead of only registered patients, of whom there are currently about 40,000.

To read more visit https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2017/05/09/medical-marijuana-industry-preps-for-advent-legal-pot/dO7FkvCqMixI30hosMx7dI/story.html

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