We Have A Lot Of Problems Throughout This State Of People Publicly Using Marijuana, Said Sen.

Senate Bill 184 will now head to the Colorado House of Representatives where its expected to find similar medical marijuana success among the Democratic majority, The Associated Press reported Thursday. If approved and implemented, S.B. 184 would allow local jurisdictions within Colorado to authorize the existence of private marijuana clubs where adults could legally consume cannabis beyond the confines of their homes. Clubs wouldnt be allowed to serve or sell food, alcohol or weed, but would instead serve as a safe haven where pot smokers could gather and get high without risk of arrest. Colorado became the first state in the country to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2012 and opened the nations first retail pot shops in 2014. Smoking weed in public isnt legal, however, meaning marijuana users are limited with respect to where they can smoke. We have a lot of problems throughout this state of people publicly using marijuana, said Sen. Bob Gardner, a Colorado Springs Republican who sponsored the bill. S.B. 184, as currently written, would authorize the operation of private pot clubs within the state as long as local lawmakers agree to their existence.

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