Vincent Is On The More Severe End Of Theautism Spectrum And People Dont Realize That There Is Aggressionand Hurt And Pain, Michelle Walker Said.

According to Zuniga’s mother, as he has gotten older, his symptoms –and hisviolent behavior — have gotten worse. Vincent is on the more severe end of theautism spectrum and people dont realize that there is aggressionand hurt and pain, Michelle Walker said. Hes in physical pain and hes very aggressive. Walker said theone thing that has helped colorado marijuana Vincent have a better quality of lifeis medical marijuana. Vincent’s parents took him toColorado for a trial period to take advantage of the state’s legalized medical marijuana.His parents gave himmedical marijuana oil that was rolled onto his feet. MichelleWalker saidhis behavior changed drastically. (It was) night and day,” she said. ‘My son went from hitting us and being angry, to being happy and comfortable in his own skin.” Because of those positive results, the Walker family has decided to call Colorado home, leaving behind their life in San Antonio so Vincent can get better. We have to leave so we dont go to prison for trying to save our childs life, Walker said. Walker, now a part of Mothers Advocating for Medical Marijuana for Autism, said her family wont be alone. “If someone doesnt support medicinal cannabis,then why do you want my son to die.” Many families from South Texas have already made the move, including the Sanchez family. Steve Sanchez said hemoved his family because his kids have a rare disorder called glycogen storage disease.

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