This Past February, Polis Helped Create The Congressional Cannabis Caucus .

Last Sunday, Polis announced his plans to enter Colorado’s gubernatorial race next year. He said his campaign will focus on three main things: Moving Colorado to 100 percent green energy by 2040, Giving parents free access to preschool and kindergarten, Getting Colorado companies to provide employees with stock options. While none of these are directly related to cannabis, if Polis wins he will bring a distinctively pro-weed perspective into the state’s capitol. In fact, Polis is one of the most vocal supporters of legalization in the nation. Throughout his time in Congress, he has introduced several bills to help loosen federal anti-weed laws. In particular, he has pushed for colorado marijuana the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act . This bill would move cannabis off the DEA’s list of Schedule I drugs . It would also create ways for the government to regulate weed the same way it regulates alcohol. This past February, Polis helped create the Congressional Cannabis Caucus . This group of lawmakers works together to advocate for pro-cannabis legislation.

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