They’re, Like, Ten Years Ahead.

Roberta Smith, manager of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment “It’s the slips, trips and falls, lighting issues or even table ergonomics. There’s a lot of different considerations.” In an interactive poll of attendees, 92 percent said they had some changes to make in the workplace. The high number is a medical marijuana good sign, Scott told the group, showing willingness for transparency and improvement among cannabis businesses. “When I see that, it’s not scary, it’s really encouraging,” he explained.  “If you can’t take just one safety improvement back from this course, then we’ve done our job.” The course also covered workplace safety and crime, including how to protect employees from robberies in an all-cash businesses and why facilities should be updated from the industry’s earlier days, when there was less regulation and oversight. Emerging industries traditionally resist regulatory changes at first, then accept them as they become more established, Scott said. Comparing the emerging cannabis sector with Colorado’s craft-beer industry, he noted a lot of similarities. “They’re, like, ten years ahead. A lot of it started out of people’s basement, brewing beer and being passionate about it.

To read more visit http://www.westword.com/marijuana/colorados-cannabis-industry-gets-school-by-state-federal-agencies-9205205

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