There Is Also Another List Of Banned Chemicals For Cannabis Regulated By The Marijuana Enforcement Division (med) , Per The Retail And Medical Marijuana Code.

Without USDA certification, creating "officially" organic This therefore makes some products that are organic and can be used on food products unsafe to use on cannabis, Weyers said. The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) maintains a list of products that meet requirements for cannabis use in colorado marijuana commercial application, personal use, and in compliance with any additional requirements deemed necessary. There is also another list of banned chemicals for cannabis regulated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) , per the Retail and Medical Marijuana Code. Traditionally, enforcement of pesticide use in cannabis production is regulated by the CDA. In 2015, Governor John Hickenloopers administration also released an executive order addressing the threat of pesticides to public safety, requiring the destruction of any product contaminated with an off-label pesticide. There is an ongoing debate over how best to define contamination because a zero-tolerance policy is almost impossible. Companies that grow cannabis have to list any non-organic pesticides they use on the product label. Choice Organics chooses to list everything it uses to grow plants on the label to maintain transparency, though it is not mandated. Some growers choose not to grow organically.

To read more visit http://www.coloradoan.com/story/sponsor-story/choice-organics/2017/02/19/does-organic-cannabis-exist-yes-and-no/98142590/

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