Their Reputation Is Our Reputation.” Jane Has No Cost To Dispensaries To List Their Products And Charges A Flat Gratuity Fee On Purchases.

With a third of the year behind… Rosenfeld added that the search is guaranteed to be in real-time: Jane’s software plugs directly into a dispensary’s point-of-sale system, promising a live look at the store’s menu. In addition to being an easy way to search and buy cannabis for customers, Rosenfeld said the goal was to provide a service and make business easier for retailers. “We’re a marketplace,” Rosenfeld said. “We don’t operate retail stores, medical marijuana hire employees, grow the product or inventory. We don’t have a footprint in the community like a dispensary does. So as stakeholders in this industry, we need our dispensary partners to be very successful. We’re looking for dispensaries that want to reduce wait times, are tired of uploading menu items and want the flexibility of new ways of reaching customers. Their reputation is our reputation.” Jane has no cost to dispensaries to list their products and charges a flat gratuity fee on purchases. Jane only makes money when the product is sold. Jane doesn’t charge consumers to use the marketplace.

To read more visit http://bizwest.com/2017/06/23/california-startup-wants-make-online-cannabis-shopping-easier-coloradans/

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