The Pueblo County Sheriffs Office Created A Tagging System To Track Marijuana-related Crime.

To better answer whether marijuana legalization is affecting crime, police have come up with formulas for tracking cases with drug connections. In March, Colorado Springs police released information claiming a marijuana nexus in at least 11 of the 59 homicides reported over the past three years: 2 of 29 homicides in 2015, 8 of 22 homicides in 2016 and at least one so far in 2017. Pending prosecution kept them from identifying which homicides those were, but spokesman Lt. Howard Black said they counted only those cases where marijuana was identified as part of the motive. Court documents brought to light at least two marijuana-motivated killings in 2016, including the first homicide of the year: Kyle Sullivan. Sullivan was house-sitting for friends with a marijuana grow in the basement when convicted culprits Michael Durante and Daniel Newell came to steal the plants from what they thought was a vacant house. They encountered a sleeping Sullivan and slashed his throat. Near the end of the year, Richard Allon Spanks and Haywood Eugene Miller were accused in a double shooting over a botched marijuana deal in a home on Carmel Drive. The homeowner, Eric Stone, was reportedly arguing with the suspects over price when the men shot him in the colorado marijuana right eye and killed bystander Marcus Williams, 21, as he played video games on the couch. Spanks and Miller went on to kill two other women, authorities say, but whether those were related to marijuana dealings has not been made public. The Pueblo County Sheriffs Office created a tagging system to track marijuana-related crime. The data show that while overall crime is trending down, the percentage of crime involving marijuana is going up controlled substance complaints, persons crimes, property crimes, nuisance calls.

To read more visit http://m.gazette.com/colorados-black-market-thrives-under-a-legal-marijuana-canopy-law-enforcement-tries-to-keep-up/article/1602223

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