The Mission Of The Rocky Mountain Ms Center Is To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Individuals And Their Families Living With Ms And Related Neurological Diseases Through Care, Support, Education And Research.

Why Colorado nonprofits are taking a risk accepting donations from pot businesses One out of 10 nonprofits has actively tried to get contributions from the marijuana industry, Colorado Nonprofit Association found. Next with Kyle Clark , KUSA 8:02 PM. MDT May 03, 2017 DENVER – When is a donation not necessarily something you want to take straight to the bank? Kaya Cannabis, in Denver, colorado marijuana is donating a portion to medical marijuana sales to three nonprofit organizations. “Nothing is simple in cannabis, I’ve learned,” said Amanda Gonzalez, CEO of Kaya Cannabis. “Many non-profits are part of national organizations or their of board of directors is just a little bit more conservative and nervous about what’s still a relatively new industry.” Kaya medical marijuana customers are given a copy of their receipt to put in a basket in front of one of three charities: Denver Fire Department Foundation (this is not the Denver Fire Department, but rather a nonprofit that benefits firefighters) “The MS Charity that we are giving to, it was a yearlong process with their board of directors to make sure that they were able to accept these kinds of donations,” said Gonzalez. “The mission of the Rocky Mountain MS Center is to improve the quality of life of individuals and their families living with MS and related neurological diseases through care, support, education and research. We are dedicated to raising money to support these efforts.” In Colorado, marijuana is legal. In the eyes of the federal government, it’s still illegal, essentially making donations from a pot shop, drug money.

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