The Bill States That Organized Crime Has Moved Into Colorado And That State Lawmakers Helped Create The Situation By Initially Allowing Such Large Numberss Of Cannabis Plants To Be Grown At Private Homes.

The new law restricts that to 16. The bill states that organized crime has moved into Colorado and that state lawmakers helped create the situation by initially allowing such large medical marijuana numberss of cannabis plants to be grown at private homes. Many cities in the state, including Denver, have limited the number of plants that can be grown, but the 99-plant rule remains in effect across large sections of the state. “Large-scale, multi-national crime organizations have exploited Colorado laws, rented multiple residential properties for large-scale cultivation sites, and caused an influx of human trafficking and large amounts of weapons as well as the potential for violent crimes in residential neighborhoods,” the bill states. Related:  Marijuana Industry to Create 283,000 Jobs by 2020, Report Projects “Large-scale cultivation sites in residential properties have been used to divert marijuana out of state and to children.” The state’s voters did not envision homes being used to cultivate large amounts of marijuana, said Police Chief John Jackson of Greenwood Village, just south of Denver. “The current limit of 99 plants is a massive loophole in our state law that attracts criminal elements from across our nation in search of a quick buck,” he said, according to the Denver Post . While the bill focused on going after criminals, those who read the fine print learned about a litany of issues that arise when states allow people to grow a large amount of marijuana at their home. For example, the bill listed these issues: Overburdening a home’s electricity capacity by trying to grow too many plants. A high potential for water damage and mold in homes where many plants are grown.

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