That Estimate Includes Growers, Scientists, Dispensary Employees, Andtech Entrepreneurs Developing Ancillary Services Like The Yelp Of Weed Or Uber For Pot . New Frontier Based Its Projections On An Analysis From The Marijuana Policy Group, An Economic And Policy Cannabis Consulting Firm That Works With The State Of Colorado.

Eight states voted to legalize potin some form, bringing the number of states with comprehensive medical marijuana laws to 28 . One in five Americans can legally get high without a letter from a doctor. As more people leave the black market for the safety, convenience, and product diversity thatlegal dispensaries offer, the industry’s job growth could explode. Legal marijuana businesses employed an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 workers in January, according to the Marijuana Business Daily. That estimate includes growers, scientists, dispensary employees, andtech entrepreneurs developing ancillary services like the ” Yelp of weed ” or ” Uber for pot .” New Frontier based its projections on an analysis from the Marijuana Policy Group, an economic and policy cannabis consulting firm that works with the state of Colorado. The report assumes every state will have a medical and adult-use market in place by 2020 a rather optimistic outlook. It’s also banking on the belief that President Donald Trump will stand by his vow to support states’ rights to legislate their own marijuana policy, despite warnings of a crackdown from Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Attorney General Jeff Sessions . Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, founder and CEO of New Frontier Data, describedthe forecast as “an optimal view of themarket that demonstrates what potential job creation could be if legal cannabis is operatingfreely and openly,” in a statement. View photos caliva; marijuana dispensary More (Dispensary employees, called “budtenders,” man the counter at medical marijuana shop Caliva in San Jose, California.Caliva) There’s some evidence to suggest New Frontier’s projections are medical marijuana on the right track. InColorado, which legalized pot outright in 2012 and opened the recreational market in 2014, the industry hascreated roughly 18,000 jobs, according to the Marijuana Policy Group. California, home to the world’s sixth largest economy, fully legalized marijuana last November.

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