Sovine-miller Steels Herself And Marches Up To One Of Her Colleagues: Kara Miller, Lobbyist For The Marijuana Industry Group, The Trade Group Behind The Bill.

Kayvan Khalatbari thinks the marijuana industry needs to keep an eye on alcohol lobbyists. “No one used to lobby for the interests of the patients, because we don’t have any money. But now with Cindy, there’s a new voice that can hold people accountable.” “No one used to lobby for the interests of the patients, because we don’t have any money.” That’s exactly what Sovine-Miller is aiming to do right now — hold someone accountable. The legislation she’s looking at this morning, Senate Bill 275, which is moving through the Senate, is designed to authorize new medical marijuana research. But a single line in the bill has been struck, making a crucial change to the scientific advisory council that for several years has been in charge of determining which research receives funding from marijuana taxes. Up to this point, the council had included a patient advocate who has been exempt from needing to have scientific expertise. But thanks to this single change buried on page three, in the future the patient advocate would need to have scientific experience. Sovine-Miller just learned of this tweak from one of the patient advocates she works with: Teri Robnett, executive director of the Cannabis Patients Alliance, who not only currently serves as that patient advocate, but helped launch the medical marijuana research program in the first place. If this bill goes through as is, Robnett would lose her seat on the council. Sovine-Miller steels herself and marches up to one of her colleagues: Kara Miller, lobbyist for the Marijuana Industry Group, the trade group behind the bill. Miller is medical marijuana the biggest name in marijuana lobbying at the Capitol, having pioneered the field in 2010. But right now, Sovine-Miller is in no mood to show deference.

To read more visit http://www.westword.com/news/marijuana-lobbyist-cindy-sovine-miller-is-a-growing-force-at-colorado-legislature-9045272

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