Some Of Those Patients Said They Need Larger Plant Counts In Order To Produce Concentrates And Edibles.

photo - A survey reveals that Colorado voters favor limiting the number of <a href=colorado marijuana marijuana plants that can be grown at home. File photo.’ /> “The reality is voters in these groups are more likely to be against legalized marijuana, so it’s not that they are against a 12-plant limit, they want no plants, or at least the six-plant limit they thought they voted on,” said Curtis Hubbard, with OnSight Public Affairs. Supporters of the home-grow limit say it would curb illegal diversion. Growers are cultivating dozens of plants at home legally using loopholes, but then diverting the product out of state to the black market. Law enforcement agencies last week busted large-scale marijuana grows at what is believed to be 20 locations across the Front Range. The intent of the home-grow legislation is to curb the so-called “gray market” practice, thereby leaving less incentive for the federal government to interfere. “Colorado voters more and more believe that we are succeeding here with legalized marijuana, while properly regulating and collecting the revenues, and that we don’t need to go backwards on the issue,” Hubbard said. But medical marijuana patients and their allies have been passionately fighting the legislation to curb home-grows. At a hearing for House Bill 1220, dozens of cannabis patients and caregivers told stories of producing medicine at home. Some of those patients said they need larger plant counts in order to produce concentrates and edibles. They called medical marijuana a “miracle.” Critics of the home-grow crackdown wonder why the bill is coming soon after the legislature required caregivers to register with the state, a mandate that started in January. The registration allows law enforcement to know whether a grower is growing for legitimate patients, though it does not require patients themselves to register.

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