Smoking It Would Not Be Legal.

He went back to school in a state where medical cannabis was legal. His health improved to the point where he eventually paddled 600 miles continuously in a canoe on an Alabama scenic river trail. “That’s not just a sort of marginal change,” Dick Clark said. “That’s a life change. And it’s made a real difference.” He’s 32 and has been off opioids for years.He now works as a product development director at a medical cannabis company in Colorado. It’s immoral to prevent patients from accessing medicine a doctor believes would work for them, Dick Clark said. “We have to allow people to have hope in their treatment,” he said. Wishart’s bill is similar to one introduced last session by former Sen. Tommy Garrett. It would allow any mixture or preparation from the colorado marijuana cannabis plant to be administered to a qualified patient as a liquid or oil, vaporized or in solid form. Smoking it would not be legal. Only certain medical conditions would qualify.

To read more visit http://journalstar.com/legislature/former-opponents-join-up-to-bring-medical-cannabis-to-nebraska/article_1a9119cb-e1c8-59ce-aa9d-bdd8ff90bc7c.html

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