Senate Bill 192 Would Allow Colorado Recreational Marijuana Producers To Reclassify As Medical Marijuana Businesses If The Trump Administration Decides To Enforce Federal Law That Still Places Marijuana On The List Of Illegal Drugs.

The Trump Administration has said it will view medical marijuana leniently but is considered renewed federal enforcement to shut down recreational marijuana sales legal in eight states and the District of Columbia. Lawmakers in Colorado have proposed a simple solution. Senate Bill 192 would allow Colorado recreational marijuana producers to reclassify as medical marijuana businesses if the Trump Administration decides to enforce federal law that still places marijuana on the list of illegal medical marijuana drugs. “The bill allows the state licensing authority to authorize single-instance transfers of retail marijuana or retail marijuana products from a retail marijuana licensee to a medical marijuana licensee based on a business need due to a change in local, state, or federal law or enforcement policy,” according to a summation of the bill by the Colorado General Assembly. The Associated Press called the bill “the boldest attempt yet by a U.S. marijuana state to avoid federal intervention in its weed market.” Related:  Can Marijuana Replace Lost Steel Jobs? Pennsylvania Town Has High Hopes. Sen. Tim Neville, who represents a suburban area outside Denver, introduced the bill in the wake of repeated, if vague, threats from Trump Administration officials to crack down on the legal marijuana industry. In most cases, the comments seemed to have targeted recreational marijuana sales.

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