Residential Grows All Over Colorado Springs And The Rest Of The State Use So Much Electricity They Are Blowing Electric Meters And Transformers, Sometimes Causing Fires.

photo - “A lot of these people we encounter were kicked out of the northern part of the state, so they’re just colorado marijuana going to keep looking for a place they can either do it legally or illegally in rural counties where enforcement can’t keep up,” Gerhart told The Gazette. “They’re just going to kick the rock down the road.” Federal authorities raided a home grow in Pueblo and seized more than $7 million worth of marijuana. Evidence of large-scale black market operations, throughout Colorado, is mounting and irrefutable. Residential grows all over Colorado Springs and the rest of the state use so much electricity they are blowing electric meters and transformers, sometimes causing fires. Neighborhoods are complaining of marijuana odors and increased crime. Landlords routinely find altered electrical systems and interior mold in abandoned home-grow operations. House Bill 1220 would aid law enforcement in detecting black market operations and might eliminate Colorado’s dubious distinction as the best place in North America to produce pot for widespread distribution. It would limit grows on residential property to 12 plants, with an exception for medical marijuana patients or primary caregivers in compliance with local laws that allow exceptions. House Bill 1221 would establish an annual $6 million grant program to reimburse local governments for training, education and enforcement related to black market grows.

To read more visit http://gazette.com/editorial-pass-bills-to-curb-black-market-pot/article/1598339

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