Rand Corporation Expert Beau Kilmer Told The Post That Evolving Laws Around Medical Marijuana, As Well As The Decriminalization Of Possession In California, Likely Contributed To The Slowdown.

NY Mayor De Blasio And NYPD Commissioner Bratton Announces Changes To Marijuana Policy His products are fresh and he prizes customer service. Anyone else imagining a combo store? Cops across the country are cutting down on marijuana arrests Cannabis use is growing in popularity, but that isnt spurring law enforcement to action. From 2007 to 2013, the number of days Americans used marijuana rose 57 percent, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday. But at the same time, pot-related medical marijuana arrests dropped by 21 percent. Dude, dont tell him its oregano. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Pot wasnt legal recreationally in Colorado and Washington until 2012, so the change is a little surprising. RAND Corporation expert Beau Kilmer told the Post that evolving laws around medical marijuana, as well as the decriminalization of possession in California, likely contributed to the slowdown. Colorados marijuana tax haul falls short of expectations Colorado collected $44 million in taxes from recreational marijuana last year, which fell short of the $70 million estimate presented to voters who approved the initiative back in 2012. Colorado lawmakers will still likely be obligated to return some of the pot money to taxpayers, due to a 1992 law meant to limit government spending. Legislators dont want to do that, of course, and elected officials from both parties are expected to draft a bill allowing the state to keep the additional marijuana cash.

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