Our Phones Have Been Blowing Up With Calls From All The Dispensaries That We Currently Serve Down In Las Vegas Who Are Trying To Stock Up On Inventory, Cates Said.

photo - FILE - In this June 21, 2017, file photo, a man walks past the Mynt Cannabis Dispensary in downtown Reno, Nev. Nevada regulators reaffirmed Friday, June 23, 2017, that they intend to issue licenses necessary for retailers to begin selling pot for recreational use on July 1, despite a court order that threatens to scuttle the plan. (AP Photo/Scott Sonner, File) “Once that inventory runs out, without distributors, they are not going to be able to restock,” Klapstein said. The colorado marijuana on-again, off-again plan to launch recreational sales has medical marijuana outlets scrambling to stockpile enough pot to meet what’s expected to be extremely high demand. “It’s been a little chaotic,” said Clint Cates, director of compliance for the operators of the Mynt Cannabis Dispensary in Reno, which sells medical marijuana. The operators also transport medical pot products between about 25 pot facilities statewide. Unlike recreational pot movement, transporting medical marijuana does not require a distribution license. Cates said he’s confident some alcohol wholesalers will get pot distribution licenses in the coming weeks while existing stockpiles at dispensaries are sold to recreational customers. “Our phones have been blowing up with calls from all the dispensaries that we currently serve down in Las Vegas who are trying to stock up on inventory,” Cates said. “We have been back-stocking for four to six months, so we have extra inventory on hand.” Department of Taxation Director Deonne Contine issued an emergency statement Thursday explaining the need to implement before July 1 new marijuana restrictions the Legislature approved last month. The new provisions — which the Nevada Tax Commission is expected to approve on Monday — would mandate child-proof packaging with warning labels and prohibit the sale of products that appeal to children such as lollipops and gummies.

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