Only Patients Are Allowed To Enter The Facility, Thus Keeping Any Exposure To Drugs Away From Other Community Members.

Further research of dispensary regulations will medical marijuana typically assuage most fears. Medicinal marijuana use in Illinois is extremely restricted. The list of approved conditions which a doctor can prescribe marijuana to treat is amongst the most limited in the country. While additions to the list including posttraumatic stress disorder, migraines and anorexia have widened the scope of potential users, obtaining a prescription remains incredibly difficult and therefore the number of users incredibly low. When a user has been approved, they are then allowed to enter dispensaries to purchase marijuana. Doing so is an extremely orderly experience, where identification is verified numerous times and staff members provide professional counsel to customers. Only patients are allowed to enter the facility, thus keeping any exposure to drugs away from other community members. Many dispensaries pride themselves on making transactions extremely discreet for customers, given the stigma that many still face. The fact of the matter is that marijuana use both recreational and medicinal is becoming more widely accepted in todays society. Studies and experiences have shown the drugs powerful potential for aiding those with ailments not otherwise treatable with traditional pharmaceutical drugs. While difficult to accept for many who have spent the majority of their adult lives being told marijuana is bad, the drug has a future in the state and the Bloomington-Normal community is smart to have accepted this.

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