New Medical Marijuana Laws in Oregon

TALENT, Ore. — Starting March 1st, several new laws will begin to be implimented that affect medical marijuana patients, growers, and dispensaries.

In the 77 page document, new outlines are laid out for several aspects of the medical marijuana industry.

Some of the specific regulations have to do with keeping records, reporting, security, water rights, and plant limits.

Right now, local dispensaries like Green Valley Wellness in Talent and Breeze Botanicals in Ashland are trying to keep up with the new changes, but say they are a bit unclear at this point.

“It’s very difficult to understand really because the changes have been constant and they’ve been going back and forth every week. They’re changing little bits here, and little bits there, and even some of the personnel don’t seem to know the answers to some of these upcoming questions that we have about this whole process,” said Joe McLaren, the store manager at Breeze Botanicals in Ashalnd.

Some people are also concerned it will make safe access for patients more difficult.

“I think as a medical marijuana dispensary, one of our biggest concerns is the future of the medical marijuana program. Oregon has a working model that many states are looking to because it has performed and worked so well. With some of the changes that these new laws are advocating, it looks like it may be a dismantlement of the medical marijuana program,” said Kat Nadel with Green Valley Wellness in Talent.

To read more: http://www.kdrv.com/news/New_Medical_Marijuana_Laws_.html

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