Most Of What He Wants To Do Has Already Been Defunded, Mitchell Said.

Cannabis has proven to be a billion-dollar industry in Colorado, creating thousands of new jobs and helping to boost our economy. A unilateral decision to take away states’ rights would be detrimental to an already divisive country, and end up driving the industry into the hands of the drug cartels.” all about the Benjamins The Obama administration in 2013 prohibited the Department of Justice from spending money on medical marijuana enforcement, saying it would not intervene in states’ marijuana laws as long as they keep the drug from crossing state lines and away from children and drug cartels. “Most of what he wants to do has already been defunded,” Mitchell said. But that policy could be rewritten by new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has consistently said medical marijuana he opposes legal marijuana. “Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance,” explained Jeff Dorschner, public affairs officer with the United States Attorney’s Office in Denver. “We prosecute marijuana cases, but through the lens of official (Justice Department) guidance called the Cole Memo. If and when (the Justice Department) sends U.S. Attorneys updated, revised or different guidance we will adjust accordingly.” “I was concerned that President Trump appointed Sessions as the attorney general. That begins to effect how other attorneys general view their jobs,” Mitchell said. Trump has said consistently he believes marijuana is a states’ rights issue.

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