Moreover, Former President Barack Obama Commuted The Sentences Of Over 1,000 Non-violent Drug Offenders—more Than Any Previous President.

Added with the 21 states that allow medicinal cannabis, 60 percent of Americans live in a jurisdiction that has legalized marijuana. Moreover, former President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of over 1,000 non-violent drug offenders—more than any previous president. In the current political environment, ramping up the War on Drugs would cause backlash for both the Trump administration and the GOP. In 2018, incumbent Republicans in states that have legalized marijuana would be forced to answer for an administration intent on disregarding the will of voters. Conversely, any Democrat running on a pro-marijuana platform would gain an instant boost in support as well as medical marijuana financial backing from an increasingly profitable cannabis industry. Come 2020, the issue would also give a boost to Democratic presidential candidates—such as Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, both of whom have expressed support for legalization. Even if Trump loses in 2020 and these policies are overturned by a future administration, their impact over the next four years could prove devastating. If Sessions’ memo is followed by federal prosecutors, it would mean an increase in the enforcement of mandatory minimum laws, which remove judicial discretion and carry automatic 10 and 20 year sentences. Prior to Holder ratcheting back enforcement of these laws, they led to disproportionate sentences on numerous occasions. In one instance, a man was sentenced to a triple life prison sentences merely for introducing two drug dealers to each other.

To read more visit http://observer.com/2017/06/jeff-sessions-war-on-drugs-medical-marijuana/

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