Maine Lawmakers Largely Have Steered Away From The Issue.

He said corporations outside of Maine ultimately would take over the states marijuana industry, forcing medical patients to buy their marijuana for higher prices and pay taxes on it. I support recreational marijuana, but the devil is in the details, McCarrier said. We need a law by Mainers, for Mainers and (to) keep the money here. David Boyer, political director for the Maine Marijuana Policy Project, said his group intends to include the medical marijuana community, including caregivers at the table when they craft a statewide ballot initiative for 2016. He said there is no intention of running the marijuana caregivers out of business and said McCarriers criticism was misplaced. These are campaigns to educate the public on ending marijuana prohibition, Boyer said. I think Paul would agree that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Members of Boyers group have also said they hope if enough Maine cities pass legalization ordinances, the states Legislature will legalize recreational marijuana in Maine so they dont need to put the issue to voters statewide. Maine lawmakers largely have steered away from the issue. A bill in the House of Representatives last session, which would have put the issue before the voters, fell just four votes short of passing . McCarrier and Boyer pointed to recent events in Colorado , which passed a statewide legalization ballot measure medical marijuana in 2013, as proof their side is correct.

To read more visit https://bangordailynews.com/2014/08/19/news/portland/maine-medical-marijuana-advocate-objects-to-recreational-legalization-calls-plan-corporate-give-away/?ref=relatedBox

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