Legislators Are Worried Colorado Could Come To Be Known As A Marijuana Black Market Epicenter Thanks To The State’s Comparatively Permissive Home-grow Laws.

Most of the marijuana discovered in these busts was found alongside large amounts of firearms and was destined for illicit markets in other states, according the report. The governor’s office says  “numerous other grey market cases” have been and continue to be reported in Colorado. Legislators are worried Colorado could come to be known as a marijuana black colorado marijuana market epicenter thanks to the state’s comparatively permissive home-grow laws. Outside of Colorado, no state allows more than 16 medical marijuana plants to be grown at home, the Cannabist reports . “Colorado is an outlier by more than [six] times the amount of plants compared to any other state in the country. That outlier is exactly what’s inviting criminal enterprises to want to set up shop,” says Rep. Dan Pabon (D-4), who  voted  in favor of HB17-1220. For some of the bill’s opponents, that’s not reason enough to change Colorado law. Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-11), who voted against the bill, says the new legislation is unnecessary, given a rule that primary caregivers growing 36 plants or more must be on a state registry  that includes the location of their grows and the patients for whom they grow and transport marijuana. Plus, all medical patients are placed on a confidential registry when they apply for their medical marijuana card. Singer says he’s concerend for individuals who legitimately need large amounts of medical marijuana and have moved to Colorado for the home-grow laws.

To read more visit http://www.5280.com/2017/03/colorado-legislators-vote-rein-medical-marijuana-home-grows/

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