Lakewood, Other Ohio Cities Block Medical Marijuana Business Licenses Months Before Any Will Be Awarded What Then Is The Underlying Legal Principle – That Local Rule Prevails, Or That The State Has An Overriding Interest In Assuring Equal Access Under The Law?

In a similar vein, despite the risks to health and safety, the state of Ohio doesn’t regulate home brewing of alcohol in any significant way, but both the 2015 law and proposed regulatory standards restrict independent home growing of cannabis . 2016: Ohio legalized medical marijuana – Here’s what you need to know Additionally, the proposed rules restrict how individuals may consume cannabis, allowing some forms of use like vaporizing while banning smoking for nostated public health interest. In the last legislative session, the state said that, regardless of local interests, municipalities cannot raise the minimum wage . The state Supreme Court has also said local communities cannot restrain fracking in light of anOhio law . Under the proposed cannabis regulatory scheme, local municipalities can pass building bans and prevent access to cultivars and pharmacies. Lakewood, other Ohio cities block medical marijuana business licenses months before any will be awarded What then is the underlying legal principle – that local rule prevails, or that the state has an overriding interest in assuring equal access under the law? It cannot be both. The proposed regulations initially limit the state to 60 dispensaries in a state with 88 counties. There is no medical marijuana mechanism for ensuring access to legal medication where local city councils have placed bans. The state’s law has failed to address the banking and finance issues that arose in Colorado and Washington. How dispensaries and licensees will deal with profits and investment funds given that many large banks are uncomfortable handling what they eschew as “drug money” is entirely unaddressed and remains unaddressed in the proposed regulations.

To read more visit http://www.cleveland.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/03/proposed_ohio_medical_marijuan.html

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