Jetter Said Authorities Took More Than Six Pounds Of Marijuana, Along With Tens Of Thousands In Cash, Then Charged Him With Illegally Distributing Pot.

He said he’s not sure how the administration would respond to such establishments. “I don’t know whether we’d be inviting federal intervention, but certainly that’s one argument I’ve heard used persuasively,” Hickenlooper said Thursday. The governor did indicate he’d veto a bill that allowed indoor smoking, not just smoking on enclosed private patios. The Denver clubs would have to abide by clean-air laws banning burned marijuana inside; the statewide proposal would allow indoor smoking with “proper ventilation.” “We spent a long time letting everyone know that smoking is bad for you,” Hickenlooper said. “Just cause that smoke makes you happy, and dumb, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.” The marijuana industry seems frustrated by Colorado’s halting attempts to figure out how to allow pot clubs. Because current marijuana law is vague, Colorado currently colorado marijuana has a patchwork of underground clubs, many of them raided when they try to file permits or pay taxes. “The situation right now is a disaster,” said Chris Jetter, a licensed marijuana grower who owned a west Denver pot club that was raided twice. Jetter said authorities took more than six pounds of marijuana, along with tens of thousands in cash, then charged him with illegally distributing pot. (Jetter eventually pleaded guilty to public consumption of marijuana, and was fined $100.

To read more visit https://www.yahoo.com/news/colorado-warms-pot-clubs-despite-080829186.html

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