Jenn Michelle Pedini Was At The Ceremony Representing Virginia Norml, And Spoke To The Families Of Several Epilepsy Patients And Lawmakers Who Had Supported The bill.

However, despite the great success, the law has serious shortcomings. There will only be five (5) pharmaceutical processors. This places a huge burden on applicants, financially and logistically, and could result in the exclusion of start-up ventures owned by minorities, women, and veterans without access to large capital resources. Second, the related laws allowing patient access to medical cannabis is very short: one (1). Only one patient group, those with intractable epilepsy, can possess medical cannabis oil. The major legislative goal for the 2018 session is the “Let Doctors Decide” bill, which would end the eugenics-style creation of state-permitted patient groups and instead allow trained medical professionals to decide if cannabis would be effective for the individual patient’s treatment plan. Jenn Michelle Pedini was at the ceremony representing Virginia NORML, and spoke to the families of several epilepsy patients and lawmakers medical marijuana who had supported the bill. Sen. Dave Marsden (D-37) and many families watch as Gov.

To read more visit http://blog.norml.org/2017/07/06/two-new-virginia-laws-foreshadow-larger-cannabis-policy-changes/

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