It’s Not Clear How Customers Of The Pot Shops Would Even Recover The Money They Paid To The County In Tax If They Chose To Seek Redress.

An  Adams County District Court judge in 2015 backed the county , but that decision was overruled by the Colorado Court of Appeals in December, when it said that the county’s special tax violated the constitutional structure created by Amendment 64, which in 2012 legalized the sale, possession and consumption of marijuana for recreational uses. The court also rejected the county’s claim that since the tax was approved by voters, the court did not have the authority to overturn the results. “Unless the General Assembly or Colorado Constitution authorized the county to impose such a tax, the county simply does not have the power to enact such a tax, irrespective of a valid election,” the decision read. It’s not clear how customers of the pot shops would even recover the money they paid to the county in tax if they chose to seek redress. Chip Taylor, executive director of Colorado Counties Inc., said Adams County has a couple of tools at its disposal to address the issue. “We’ve seen jurisdictions do temporary tax medical marijuana holidays or credits to disgorge themselves of money they aren’t supposed to have,” he said. Siedlecki said the Adams County commissioners would be scheduling time to discuss “any possible next legal steps” at their meeting on Tuesday. Interior chief Ryan Zinke wants to shed 4,000 staffers in budget cuts Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told lawmakers Wednesday that he plans to shrink his department’s sprawling workforce by 4,000 employees – about 8 percent of the full-time staff – as part of budget cuts to downsize the government’s largest public lands agency. EPA prepares to slowly dam toxic mine waste leaking from Red and Bonita Mine at 300 gallons per minute Shutting the bulkhead inside the Red and Bonita Mine is a huge test on mountains where miners who penetrated fissures and groundwater pathways left behind the geologic equivalent of Swiss cheese.

To read more visit http://www.denverpost.com/2017/06/20/adams-county-pot-tax-battle-supreme-court/

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