It Was At Least The Fourth Time The Board Had Rejected Ptsd As An Ailment Pot Can Treat.

In 2015, the state Board of Health most-recently rejected medical medical marijuana marijuana treatment for PTSD, saying at the time there was not enough scientific research on how marijuana could affect people with the disorder. The board’s rejection at the time came in the face of the state’s chief medical officer, who said he was “disappointed” by the board’s decision. It was at least the fourth time the board had rejected PTSD as an ailment pot can treat. The issue was raised again last year, as legislators and the state appeals court took up the issue. PTSD now becomes the 10th ailment that medical marijuana can be prescribed for in Colorado. The state department of health has been studying marijuana treatments for PTSD , including one involving 76 veterans, since 2015 after it set aside $3.3 million for various studies. Colorado legislators worked on Senate Bill 17 throughout the legislative session. After the Senate quickly passed it in early February, the House took its time and offered amendments before passing the bill on the “marijuana holiday” of 4/20. The Senate concurred with the House amendments on April 25, and Hickenlooper signed the bill Monday. Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc.

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