In Oregon, 19percent Of Marijuana Salescame From Concentrates And Edibles, Which The Stateonly Started Allowingdispensaries To Sale In July.

As for cannabis-infused edibles, including candy, beverages, tinctures and food, sales in Colorado represented about 14 percent of the market, grossing more than $53 million in the third quarter. In Washington, 21 percent of sales were fromconcentrates in 2016. In Oregon, 19percent of marijuana salescame from concentrates and edibles, which the stateonly started allowingdispensaries to sale in July. A separate report by Marijuana Business Daily said concentrates and edibles represented about 30 percent of total legal marijuana sales in 2016while edibles and concentrates only represented 24 percent of the market in Colorado and 15.3 percent of the market in Washington in 2015. Concentrates like dabs date back to the 1970s, but have been steadily gaining popularityespecially within the medical marijuana community due to its incredibly potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels that lead to an instant and powerful high. Concentrates, often referred to as shatter, wax, honey oil or honeycomb because of its sticky candle-wax like texture, are made by heating marijuana soaked in solvents and can be four times as strong as a joint. Depending on the solvent and how the plants are extracted, the concentrate could result in an oil form, which could also be smoked through vaporizers. Concentrates are the fastest growing category [in the industry] right now. Those vape pens with the cartridges, processed wax and shatter, which people use to dab As people become more and more familiar with the cannabis industry and less intimidated by something like a dab rig, we do see concentrates medical marijuana becoming the fastest growing category, Joel Milton, CEO of Baker, a software platform designed specifically for dispensaries to manage customers, track their purchases and monitor their interests. Baker is used by over 200 dispensaries across the U.S, giving Milton and his 23-person team a macro view of the marijuana-purchasing landscape.

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