In Its Original Form, The Bill Would Require School Districts To Adopt Policies Which Would Allow For The Distribution Of Medical Marijuana For Qualifying Students.

According to the bills original text, HB 1060 would, authorize parents, guardians and primary caregivers to administer marijuana to a student for medical purposes. In its original form, the bill would require school districts to adopt policies which would allow for the distribution of medical marijuana for qualifying students. Students consuming medical marijuana must be registered in the Washington Medical Marijuana Authorization Database. As of a Jan. 17 hearing at the Committee on Health Care & Wellness, approximately 45 students are registered in the database. This is a medical disability, and this can bring her back up to maturity level and grade level quickly, John Barclay said about colorado marijuana his daughter, River, in a testimonial at the hearing. Her teacher was excited because River was reaching in and doing more challenging things; she didnt want to stop. Barclay is the parent of a student in the Aberdeen school district. His daughter uses a medical marijuana treatment to stop the seizures she suffers from. Sponsored by legislators including Rep. Brian Blake, D-Aberdeen, the bill is currently circulating through the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness. It has received mixed reception from members of the committee.

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