[image By Doug Pensinger/getty Images] The Study Found That Out Of Those Surveyed In Colorado, 64 Percent Of Those Who Use Cannabis Have A Full-time Job , Compared To Only 51 Percent Of Acceptors And 54 Percent Of Rejectors.

Two people passing a joint Things like all cannabis users are hippies, flaky, unreliable, lazy, and unsuccessful in life are things you were surely warned about in your elementary and middle school D.A.R.E. classes. However, a new study conducted by BDS Analytics suggests that the truth is quite the opposite of what prohibitionists would have us believe. This study, being called “the most comprehensive and detailed look at cannabis consumers ever conducted,” takes a look at adults 21 and older in both Colorado and California where cannabis is legal for recreational use. Colorado and California Prove Marijuana Users Are Successful Breaking the typical stoner stereotypes is something that many cannabis industry business owners and entrepreneurs aim for, and this study suggests that stoners may actually be more successful than non-users. The study broke respondents up into three different groups – consumers or people who medical marijuana use marijuana regularly, acceptors or people who don’t use cannabis but might consider it, and rejectors or people who don’t use marijuana and would not consider it. Someone filling out an application at Denver’s first cannabis job fair. [Image by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images] The study found that out of those surveyed in Colorado, 64 percent of those who use cannabis have a full-time job , compared to only 51 percent of acceptors and 54 percent of rejectors. To further prove the point that cannabis users may actually be more successful than non-users, they found that California consumers made an average of $93,800 annually, compared to an average $72,800 for acceptors and $75,900 annually for rejectors. It’s not only in jobs that cannabis users were found to be more successful than non-users.

To read more visit http://www.inquisitr.com/4296734/study-colorado-cannabis-users-kick-stereotypes-out-the-window/

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