I’m Only 56 And, Man, I Snap, Crackle And Pop.

Henry Rollins I sure medical marijuana do. Stop being such a hypocrite and overcome your bigotry. Parallels Between The Music And Cannabis Industry Spending decades within the music industry has taught Rollins numerous lessons. One of those include how to treats fans and not rush a product that isn’t properly ready. He says the consumerism infected music and produced a lot of mediocre music and Rollins doesn’t want a similar thing to occur within the cannabis industry. Related Story:  Dave Matthews On Tim Reynolds Collaboration, Trump’s Wall, And Going Vegan As we mentioned, Rollins is well-known for his drug-free lifestyle. He does foresee a day where he becomes a cannabis users, he says, though it’d be strictly for medicinal purposes. I’m only 56 and, man, I snap, crackle and pop. I threw my body around a lot. And I’m in pain all the time. Something’s always hurting.

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