Illinois Program Has About 16,000 Qualified Patients, A Number 10 To 12 Months Behind Projections Made In 2014, Said Crescos Bachtell.

Prospect, Ill., last May that its monthly servicing fees were going to almost double, to $600, a sum that pushed the dispensary to drop day-to-day banking operations and start dealing mainly in cash or money orders, said co-owner David Knapp. The company hired colorado marijuana a security firm to transport funds, adding another expense to its accounts payable ledger. Rule No. 1 in the medical marijuana business, Knapp said: Always have a backup plan. If fluctuating expenses havent reinforced that rule, the stunted growth of the program has. Illinois program has about 16,000 qualified patients, a number 10 to 12 months behind projections made in 2014, said Crescos Bachtell. All of our revenue projections are driven by patient population, Bachtell said. The limited number of conditions medical marijuana can be used to treat has contributed to the low patient numbers. Some pioneering states, such as Colorado, grant medical marijuana cards to patients based on broad definitions of symptoms and conditions.

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