I Think There Are Other Ways To Raise Money.

The auditor general also noted that Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington have all regulated and taxed marijuana in recent years. Washington, D.C. has legalized marijuana, but does not yet have retail sales. Other states are considering regulating and taxing marijuana, including Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The revenue that could be generated would help address Pennsylvanias revenue and spending issue. But there is more to this than simply tax dollars and jobs, DePasquale said. There is also social impact, specifically related to arrests, and the personal, emotional and financial devastation that may result from such arrests. West Hazleton Police Chief Brian Buglio believes there are other ways to generate revenue. At this point, it has been approved for medical use and eventually it might be available for (recreational) use. My opinion is that it is a gateway drug, he said, meaning he believes marijuana could open the door to addictive drugs. I think there are other ways to raise money. Buglio said he cant understand how all of a sudden, smoking marijuana is good. For how long all these different organizations had always colorado marijuana pushed for no smoking. Theyd tell you smoking is bad.

To read more visit http://standardspeaker.com/mobile/news/mixed-reaction-locally-to-ag-s-pot-comments-1.2164645

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