“i Really Want (people) Talking To A Doctor.” Singer Said Sb 17 Likely Would Be Heard In The House Next Week.

Stephen Humphrey, R-Severance, cast the lone dissenting vote. Singer said no significant amendments were made, other than the removal of “acute stress disorders” from the language. 2017 legislation: Track SB 17 and other Colorado marijuana- and hemp-related bills A point of contention during the hearing was access to minors, and whether children under the age of 18 could be recommended medical marijuana for post-traumatic stress disorder, he said. For the PTSD-related recommendation, patients 17 and under would be required to have two doctors’ recommendations, sign-offs from the minor’s parents as well as a sign-off from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, he said. The provision remains on colorado marijuana the bill. “We continue to keep the changes that the Senate did put in for further guardrails for a stronger conversation between doctors and patients,” Singer said. That “guardrail” is a requirement that the patient receive a diagnosis of PTSD from a licensed medical doctor or licensed mental health professional in the context of a “bona fide physician-patient relationship.” “The doctor-patient relationship is so sacred,” Singer said. “I really want (people) talking to a doctor.” Singer said SB 17 likely would be heard in the House next week. Last month, the bill cleared the Senate on a 34-1 vote .

To read more visit http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/03/09/medical-marijuana-for-ptsd-bill-heading-to-colorado-house-for-vote/75311/

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