I Found An Alternate Way Of Doing Things For Myself Thats Cheaper And More Cost Efficient, With The Same Results.

The biggest downfall for Halpern personally was the price. The Dillon dispensary sells the two pack for $20, with Breckenridge Organic Therapy offering it for $24. For someone with a need to use a box at least once a month, it can get pricey. Linner said the price is determined by the amount of THC and CBD that goes into the product. If you were to do an analysis of products on the market that have THC and CBD in it, and cost per milligram, you would come out that Foria Relief is not that expensive after all, she said. Its hard, we need to walk the line we need to sell it at a price that we can continue making it. With a suggestion from representatives of Foria, Halpern now purchases Foria Pleasure, a liquid spray sold as a sex product. Because it uses the same combination of THC and CBD, Halpern sprays the product onto the tip of her tampons, ultimately finding the same relief, just with a longer activation time of around 45 minutes. I liked the effect so much of using the suppositories but medical marijuana didnt really have the funds to keep myself in them, she said. I found an alternate way of doing things for myself thats cheaper and more cost efficient, with the same results. With this product, Halpern said she gets 150 servings for $60 with the large bottle. I would highly recommend it to anyone out there.

To read more visit http://www.summitdaily.com/news/marijuana-not-midol-cannabis-infused-suppository-said-to-ease-menstrual-cramps/

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