He Was Among A Cohort Of Veterans Who Pleaded Their Cases For Using Marijuana To Ease Ptsd Symptoms Before The Colorado Board Of Health In July 2015.

At that time, Colorado would have been among the first states to allow patients with a psychological condition to access medical marijuana, but Board of Health members said there wasn’t enough scientific data to support recommending marijuana to PTSD patients. State Senator Irene Aguilar (D-32) is a physician who co-sponsored SB17-017. She says she was swayed to support the bill primarily by patient advocacy groups who presented to the legislature’s interim committee on marijuana policy in the summer of 2016, and by the fact that there was support within the CDPHE to add the condition, despite the Board of Health’s decision in 2015. “The Department of Public Health and Environment’s scientific advisory committee had advocated for [adding PTSD as a qualifying condition], but the board of health refused to do it,” Aguilar says. “Based on that recommendation, the interim committee referred this measure to the legislature, to be done by the legislature.” Matthew Kahl, executive director of the 501(c)4 nonprofit Veterans for Natural Rights , has been a vocal advocate for this policy change. After serving two tours in Afghanistan, Kahl was tormented by intense PTSD flashbacks and says marijuana is the most effective treatment he’s found to ease his otherwise debilitating symptoms. He was among a cohort of veterans who pleaded their cases for using marijuana to ease PTSD symptoms before the Colorado Board of Health in July 2015. He and a group of veterans and other individuals living with PTSD also advocated for SB17-017, and brought a lawsuit against the CDPHE to appeal the Board’s 2015 colorado marijuana decision. “Personally, I cannot buy the strains that I need on the recreational market.

To read more visit http://www.5280.com/2017/04/colorado-adds-first-psychological-condition-for-medical-cannabis/

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