He Moved His Family From Austin To Littleton, Outside Of Denver, On Fourth Of July Weekend.

Along with the tax dollars came out-of-staters, including medical refugees who saw Colorado as an emerald sanctuary where cannabinoids could ease their pain, or the pain of their loved ones. “Nobody is talking about it,” Glen Mayes, a medical marijuana refugee from Texas, told The Daily Beast in an interview. “It’s really frustrating.” Mayes was speaking specifically about the 2016 presidential candidates. This year’s race for the highest office in the land has focused heavily on refugees, with Republican nominee Donald Trump causing controversy by proposing a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., with special emphasis placed on refugees coming from Iraq and Syria. But in Mayes’ view, Trump is the only candidate who has reached out to his refugee demographic at all: “Donald has come out and said some things for people with alternative health views, and medical marijuana.” Trump said on the O’Reilly factor in February that marijuana legalization is “good” in “some ways.” He continued: “I know people that have serious problems… and… it really, really does help them.” Clinton has been more reserved, not speaking directly on the subject. Her campaign released a statement from Maya Harris, one of Clinton’s senior policy advisors, saying the Democratic candidate would place marijuana in the same schedule as cocaine and methamphetamine while removing restrictions on research. Harris referred to Colorado as a “laboratory of democracy.” Mayes is a recent arrival to Colorado. He moved his family from Austin to Littleton, medical marijuana outside of Denver, on Fourth of July weekend. His son, Orion, was diagnosed at 10 weeks old with polymicrogyria, an incredibly rare developmental disorder that affects the brain. Polymicrogyria causes many problems. One of them is gran mal seizures, which feature loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.

To read more visit http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/11/07/colorado-s-medical-marijuana-refugees

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