He Added That He Consumes Marijuana To Prevent Seizures, And It Has Successfully Prevented Seizures For Him For The Past Five Or Six Years.

If Colorado Creative Clouds wants to re-submit an application for this or another location it can submit the application but will have to wait until after the moratorium is over for the city to process it. Councilman Charles Griego said since this is a new concept for Alamosa, the council is trying to determine how to deal with it. A large contingent attended the April 19th city council meeting to show support for the application with several audience members speaking on behalf of the club, which they said would provide a safe and secure place for people to colorado marijuana consume marijuana and would boost tourism and economic development. For example, Sarah Gallegos said this would provide a safe place for tourists to come and for marijuana use to be controlled. I think it would really be a great thing for this community, she said. Robert Garcia added that if the city passed up this opportunity it would be like letting taxes and jobs go out the window. Joshua Hendren, who ran for city council a couple of years ago, said when he was running for city council he mentioned several times that legitimizing these types of businesses in other cities like Denver or Colorado Springs has not increased crime rates but has assisted in getting marijuana use off the streets, which he believed would be a benefit here as well. He added that he consumes marijuana to prevent seizures, and it has successfully prevented seizures for him for the past five or six years. If I could go somewhere and have a joint with someone just like having a beer with someone at a bar, that would be helpful, really nice, he said.

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