“having Decided This Case On The Basis Of The Prohibition Under Federal Law, We Decline To Address The Issue Of Whether Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Amendment Deems Medical Marijuana Use ‘lawful’ By Conferring A Right To Such Use,” The Court Said, Ruling In Dish’s Favor.  Since Then, Colorado’s Marijuana Regulations Have Loosened.

Photo Brandon Coats, among the group selected, had worked for the company for three years. A car accident years earlier left him paralyzed. Confined to a wheelchair, Coats used medical marijuana to control painful muscle spasms. He even had a state-issued license to use medical marijuana it. None of this mattered to Dish.  The company fired Coats when they detected THC in his blood. Not long after, Coats sued for discrimination, beginning a long legal battle that ended up in the hands of the Colorado Supreme Court. The judges were tasked with deciding whether lawful use of marijuana outside of work hours could protect employees from strict zero-tolerance workplace policies. “Coats consumes medical marijuana at home, after work, and in accordance with his license and Colorado state law,” the judges said in their 2015 ruling, explaining that Coats was not breaking any local laws. But because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, the Court ruled that Coats had no protections from getting fired. “Having decided this case on the basis of the prohibition under federal law, we decline to address the issue of whether Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Amendment deems medical marijuana use ‘lawful’ by conferring a right to such use,” the court said, ruling in Dish’s favor.  Since then, Colorado’s marijuana regulations have loosened. Recreational as well as medical marijuana use are now legal in Colorado and contribute to a multi-billion dollar industry.

To read more visit https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/disabled-people-can-be-fired-for-using-medical-marijuana-even-in-colorado-042117.html

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