Hagwood Said That Cleanup Involves Carrying Off Tens Of Thousands Of Pounds Of Hazardous Waste And Debris And Then Disposing Of It Properly.

These poisoned rodents are then eaten by carnivores, which also die. Sometimes poison-laced hotdogs are put out by the cartels to directly kill carnivores. Many fishers have been killed in this manner. Fishers are medium-sized weasels currently being considered for federal endangered species status. The cartels also divert stream water, draining the streams in the process, to provide water for their cannabis plants. Finally, when the cartels colorado marijuana leave, they leave behind all their toxic waste and trash. Because of these dangerous chemicals, contaminated areas are expensive to clean up. Hagwood said that cleanup involves carrying off tens of thousands of pounds of hazardous waste and debris and then disposing of it properly. Hagwood said there is state and federal money for site cleanup but there is never enough. To make matters worse, Hagwood said, “As the problem worsens, the resources to deal with the problem are shrinking.

To read more visit http://www.plumasnews.com/sheriff-warns-drug-cartels-damaging-environment/

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