Freedom Leaf Inc (OTCMKTS:FRLF) recently announced plans to expand BioAlive’s marketing and distribution plan to widen the net for the product.

BioAlive is the latest and greatest thing to come from Freedom Leaf. It is a trademarked hemp extract that is water soluble. The expanded commercialization plan highlights the company’s plan to secure a first-move advantage in making the product available as a premium ingredient that can be used in many industries. It can be applied in cosmetics, beverages, nutraceuticals, and food among others. Freedom Leaf is already in talks with multiple potential partners.

BioAlive is currently the only water-soluble hemp product on the market, thus making it a unique offering in the market. Two companies previously claimed that their products were water soluble but they turned out to be oil emulsions. BioAlive is made using a unique fermentation process that achieves true solubility in water. This means that it can easily be absorbed into the body, thus achieving a high level of bioavailability.

“Combining proprietary ingredients such as BioAlive™ with our premium brands IrieCBD, Hempology, and included in other select brands not only drives shareholder value but aids in building a long-term sustainable business model for Freedom Leaf Health and expanding our value chain,” stated Freedom Leaf CEO Clifford Perry.

BioAlive’s water solubility means it can be mixed with a variety of water-based products. This means that its potential customer base is quite large and the potential applications span from restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and many others. Its availability as a water-soluble product makes it highly attractive as an ingredient, thus widening its scope of possibilities.

Freedom Leaf takes on new business identity as Freedom Leaf Health

The company also announced that it registered its business name as Freedom Leaf Health and will conduct all its businesses under the new identity. The move also follows the company’s plan of building a strong portfolio of premium hemp brands that will be available internationally. The newly rebranded identity also highlights the company’s direction as it intends to centralize its focus on its core initiatives. The firm hopes to use this strategy to become an industry leader in the hemp and CBD sector.