For More On All That, See Indy Cover Story Aim To Heal From April 20, 2016.

But, if city voters within the county pass their own, then the municipal special sales tax replaces the county’s tax within city limits. Lawmakers also responded to complaints that parolees with med cards can’t medicate while out on bond by passing Senate colorado marijuana Bill 178, which prohibits courts from making marijuana abstinence a condition of bond for registered patients. A similar number of bills passed both chambers of the General Assembly, but hadn’t been signed yet by Hickenlooper as of the Independent’s press time. Notable in that category is Senate Bill 017 — a hard-won victory in the years-long effort to give trauma survivors access to medical marijuana. The bill makes stress disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. For more on all that, see Indy cover story “Aim to Heal” from April 20, 2016. Also passed is House Bill 1295, which will repeal the office of marijuana coordination. The General Assembly created that office under the governor in 2014 as a bridge between the executive branch and marijuana legalization. Now, both branches agree the office is no longer needed, so kiss goodbye the epic job title that was the “marijuana czar.” Two bills dealing with the persistence of the black market and so-called gray market in Colorado also passed this session. They include House Bill 1220, which creates criminal penalties for growing more than 16 plants in a residence unless the jurisdiction expressly permits it.

To read more visit https://www.csindy.com/coloradosprings/colorado-lawmakers-continue-to-regulate-legal-marijuana/Content?oid=5526100

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