Doctors Are Hamstrung In Recommending Treatment And Legally Acceptable Medical Use By Lawmakers, Unlike Other Medications.

Libertarians should object to the idea that government boards, rather than doctors, get to determine what medical conditions are accepted under the law. States like Alaska, Washington and Maine have implemented regulations on how and where cannabis is used and cultivated without government overreach and invasion of privacy. Liberals should reject a regulatory system that doesn’t address decades of drug policy overincarceration. Fiscallyminded people should reject rules that don’t fix colorado marijuana the tax gap in local and municipal governments budgets Gov. John Kasich pushed into the Ohio state budget when taxes were reduced in hopes of spurring development. It has been nearly two years since the law has said medical cannabis is acceptable treatment but there remains no legal place to acquire it. Interested entrepreneurs will be off-put by licensing costs, municipal limitations, and high liquidity requirements. Doctors are hamstrung in recommending treatment and legally acceptable medical use by lawmakers, unlike other medications. The addition of severe pain to the list of approved conditions offers some hope in light of the current and escalating opioid crisis.

To read more visit http://www.cleveland.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/03/proposed_ohio_medical_marijuan.html

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