Colorado Reports $1.3 Billion In Marijuana Sales In 2016 The Department Of Education Will Receive Money From The Marijuana Tax Cash Fund For The School Health Professionals Grant Program: $9.7 Million Will Go To Local School Districts, To Add 150 Health Professionals At Secondary Schools Who Will Provide Education, Universal Screening, Referral And Care Coordination For Students With Substance-abuse Issues Or Other Behavioral Needs.

Mark Bolton The other two revenue streams comprise the special retail marijuana taxes: a 10 percent sales tax and the 15 percent excise tax that are both exempt from TABOR and contribute to the medical marijuana Marijuana Tax Cash Fund. Under a Hickenlooper proposal approved by the Colorado Legislature, $15.3 million will be taken from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund to provide housing assistance for Colorado’s homeless population, as well as individuals with behavioral health needs. “By providing stable housing, which includes rental assistance and supportive services, we expect to reduce incarceration, hospitalization and homelessness for many of Colorado’s most vulnerable citizens,” the state said in announcing the program. Mark Bolton, the senior legal deputy counsel to the governor who also manages marijuana issues, says the governor’s office is focused on addressing four key issues with the marijuana tax money, and substance-abuse issues are part of that. “To the extent there’s going to be increased substance-abuse treatment needed with increased marijuana use, we want to have funds available for those purposes,” he says. There will also be money set aside for K-12 education. When voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012, they did so with the understanding that extra tax money collected would go toward school funding, specifically to aid in school construction and upkeep. That’s changing with this budget, though, as the money will now be used to help teachers and other areas of schooling that directly affect students. Colorado Reports $1.3 Billion in Marijuana Sales in 2016 The Department of Education will receive money from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund for the School Health Professionals Grant Program: $9.7 million will go to local school districts, to add 150 health professionals at secondary schools who will provide education, universal screening, referral and care coordination for students with substance-abuse issues or other behavioral needs. In addition to school funding, preventing youth from using marijuana is a priority for the governor.

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